FAME Review: Kevin Kastning / Carl Clements - Dreaming as I Knew
Kevin Kastning / Carl Clements - Dreaming as I Knew

Dreaming as I Knew

Kevin Kastning / Carl Clements

Greydisc Records - GDR3510

Available from Amazon.com.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

This is a fairly radical departure for moody guitarist Kevin Kastning, a duet CD with winds and horn player Carl Clements, but, as frequent Kastning collaborator Sando Szabo notes, it's very much in vein with ECM materials…which Kastning has always reflected, though in markedly different manner, running to the darker more existentially introspective frame of mind. Clements, as may be expected, then, is no New Age flutes-and-saxes kind of guy but much more in the way of a Charles Lloyd, a Paul Horn, or a Paul McCandless, the lattermost of whom favors the oboe, but catch the remarkable tone Clements invokes in the second cut, Mountains Lie in Darkness, sounding like a lost artifact from Oregon's prime, something providentially found on the cutting room floor during that remarkble band's Music from Another Present Era period.

Of course, Kevin's always maintained a strong Towner-esque element in his work, here more slanted to Bill Connors' Of Mist and Melting period, and when I think of all the moronic flute crap put out under modern market pretenses, I wanna scream, having been fond of the old jazz-cemented materials. Clements is clearly in a line with that worthy elder tradition. His instruments aren't just convenient lengths of wood or steel for the making of sappy melodics to waft about incense shops amid psychic relationship scriers but rather conversationally inclined, explorative, emotionally invested, at times Garbarekesque, as in Whatever What Is, Is.

Those familiar with the KK catalogue will find this, as said, quite differentiated from previous works…while perfectly sympatico with everything one expects of his music. Szabo refers to Dreaming as "a new reference…in the contemporary guitar/saxophone duo music" genre, a slim splinter indeed and one that has been in need of augmentation. Kastning has gracefully surrendered the foreground to Clements, who wastes no time mesmerizing the listener as the guitar paints backdrops for his pensees and visions. Like the work with electric guitarist Mark Wingfiled, the result is both surprising and perfectly exemplary of the now quite established Greydisc sound.

Track List:

  • Momentary Days
  • Mountains Lie in Darkness
  • Water Flashes
  • A Different Breath, About Nothing
  • No Longer Reemembered
  • Nothing Here but Dreams
  • Voices in Light
  • Ahead of all Parting
  • Shattered as it Rang
  • All the Elsewheres
  • Perforating the Visible
  • Drift into Silennce
All compositions by Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements.

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2012, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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