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Here are some links to what I think are the best places to find folk and acoustic music information on the Internet.


Play HoberHOBER is the finest internet radio station around. Not only do they play great music, they have a beautifully executed web site. I was turned on to it by my accountant, of all people. You can listen to HOBER by clicking the button on the left. Musicians can submit their CDs for airplay (netplay?).

If you're in New Hampshire (I am), New Hampshire Acoustic Music Association is a good place to find out who in playing where.

I usually don't add links to music stores, but I have made an exception here because Eldrely Instruments is one of the oldest and best places in the US to buy acoustic instruments.

Looking for Folk Music in New Jersey? Scott Sheldon keeps a nice listing of NJ folky stuff at the Sanctuary Concerts web site.

Here are three discussion forums, in French, discussing the bass (Basse), the piano (Piano) and singing (Chant).

Fret Mentor is a site dedicated to fretted instruments lessons and instruction. It has a forum which could grow into something very nice if enough people get involved in it. You have to register to post.

Real Lyrics a huge collection of lyrics of songs of all genres and ages.

Mandozine has a great set of files tablature in Tabledit format. You will need Tabledit's free viewer to view them.

The Acoustic Music Archive is a resource for lyrics and chords songs from the UK.

The following list of lyrics servers was submitted to the FolkBiz listserver. I haven't checked out all of them, but I post them here for your convenience: (folk music) (info & links of various musical items) (search engine for lyrics- general)

Affinity Music Nashville had been around since 1957. They can help with promotion.

Mark's Online Music Source is a very nice resource for all things musical.

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Oldsongs' Resource Directory for Acoustic Music and Dance focuses on the Capital District area of New York State and a little beyond, and is full of useful information.

Friends of Florida Folk maintains a web site with excellent information for performers who want to tour that state, including booking contacts, radio promotion information and lists of performers playing in the state.

Brigde Guitar Reviews is an independent organization that reviews new acoustic albums by acoustic guitarists. They write honest reviews for the artists,and hope they benefit from them by selling more albums.

Jaimé Morton runs the Stick 'em Up Professional Postering and Promotion Service in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. If you need to get gig posters up in the Northampton, MA area, Jaimé can do it. She can also get great hotel deals for travelling musicians.

InterSchminter is a music / environment / pro-peace web site in Wolverhampton, England. Sounds a lot like this one, but it isn't.

Community Arts Advocates, Inc. has a web site that includes info on street performing across the usa and beyond, individual performers including latino, brazilian and african-american artists. I make no claim as to the services offered on the site.

Singer Song: original independent music artists resources is a site with many hundreds of links to musician resources.

Intimate Audio: Web site devoted to intimate musical recordings and self-produced artists. Hosted by Dale Turner (West Coast Editor of Guitar One magazine, GIT instructor, and author). Free guitar lessons (w/TAB & MP3), message board, and loads of DIY music-related info.

Anton's Studio has a wealth of information for sound people trying to get an "acoustic" sound from their equipment.

Folk and Roots is an English site similar to this one with performer, venue and gig listings. It's very nicely done. has lots of music instruction books.

Acoustic Musicians Guild is a resource for musicians in the New Jersey Shore area.

AcoustiCafe is a resource for musicians near Pittsburgh, PA

The Indie Acoustic Music Project has reviews of what the site owner considers to be 50 Best Indie Acoustic CDs 1990-2000.

I coordinate the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange, section of this web site that reviews folk and acoustic music CD's. Another great site for CD reviews is Minor 7th. Minor 7th specializes in reviews of acoustic guitar CDs from many genres: jazz, folk, fingerstyle, new age, rock and blues. is building up a Musician's Resource for New England. You can find venues, musicians, radio/tv stations, what have you. The site is very well designed and growing.

Another site, one that actually knows that there is a difference between "folk" and "acoustic" music, is Larry Acoustic and Folk Music Page. The site is mainly devoted to the Indiana music scene, but it has much more than that.

D3 Music Learning Network is a community of websites specializing in online music education and 'how to play' music resource files. Streaming video sound, notation and tab files teach ,Guitar, Piano, Flute, Violin and more.

Since 1950 Sing Out! has been publishing information about folk & acoustic performers
Musi-Cal: Comprehensive listings of concert schedules.
The Folk Project, a folk music and arts organization in Northern New Jersey.
Intermountain Acoustic Music Association is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to the preservation, furtherance and spread of acoustic music, including bluegrass, British isles, folk, old-time and related musical forms.


Here is a link to the my favorite one to go to.


Performers have their own page now!


env (2K)

Environmental & Political Stuff

rockthevote (1K) Register to Vote online Numbskull & Bones

Protest Records has a vast array of protest music.

delcanton (3K) is a web site that sells only political resistance genre music.

I spent a few years working in the nuclear industry, in the only commercial nuclear fuel reprocessing plant ever to operate in the U. S. This experience and subsequent study has taught me that nuclear power has no place in our energy mix. Here are some links to a few organizations that I believe do a very credible job of keeping people informed about nuclear power and the nuclear industry. has loads of links to environmental, political and social justice web sites.

New England Coalition has been fighting nuclear power plants and promoting solar alternatives for 31 years.

Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) Home Page contains links to useful information about nuclear power issues in the U. S., including both high- and low-level radioactive waste disposal.

Radioactive Waste Management Associates has links to more technical information about radioactive wastes than anyone short of Marvin Resnikoff could ever digest.

Diane Burton's Nuclear Waste Web Site has a wealth of good information.

For information on the Indian Point nuclear reactors go to the No Escape Anti-Nuke Home Page.

Best known for a series of nuclear tests in the 1950's, here is a site with information on Bikini Atoll

The U. S. Nuclear Regulatory (USNRC) and the

U. S. Department of Energy (USDOE) now have WWW sites.


Government Stuff

I am firm believer in making yourself heard by your elected officials. To make feedback easier for you, here is a link to the "Senators with Constituent Email Addresses" page located on the U. S. Senate WWW site. If your browser has email facilities you can click on any of the highlighted names there to let your Senators know what you think about his or her performance in Washington.

The U. S House of Representatives World Wide Web site home page.

The Library of Congress Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet is a wonderful place to keep track of the progress of legislation, as well as get almost any other bit of information about the House of Representatives, the Senate or the Executive Branch of government that you might want to find.


Net Stuff

I have created a table that shows you all of the colors that Netscape will produce without dithering. Using only these colors on your web pages will ensure that they look the same on all browsers.

I have enjoyed keeping bees for about 25 years now. I hadn't had any bees for a long time and neither had my friend Michael, so in the Spring of 2000 we set up a couple of hives for fun. They didn't survive the hard winter last year, so we started over this year. Here are a couple of pictures that I took on July 4th, 2001. Click the thumbnails below for full sized views.

Michael Iselin holding a sort of spotty honeybee brood frame
Michael Iselin holding a sort of spotty honeybee brood frame.
Photo © 2001 David Pyles
Here I am holding one thf the most perfect frames of honeybee brood that I've ever seen.
Here I am holding one of the most perfect frames of honeybee brood that I've ever seen.
Photo © 2001 Michael Iselin

Here are a few of my favorite fun web links.

Jim "Bolaman" Lutz makes beautiful

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